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Korsakow. Is not the word. Love! The word that everyone seems to be looking for and equally running away from at the same time.

but what does “Love” mean? These four guys thought to go out into the Melbourne streets to see what the public thinks Love is to them… So what is love? According to this K film Love is….

Simple squeaky clean

Simple squeaky clean

– A wonderful gift.
– Auspicious.
– Connection.
– Fairytale.
– Natural.

The format of this K film is very clean. All the viewers are rectangular and they all conglomerate to make a bigger rectangle. This simple construction, I feel is a good dip of the toes into what can only be described as the shitstorm that is the K film. I clicked a few and a few came up. I wasn’t really carrying an analytical mind at the time, I just wanted to go home, however, click upon this one I was happy to settle. The mess and jumble that K films can be are just that. A mess and a jumble. “Love” is a touching piece. The variance of shot types provided a little unique sprinkle on each video. The audio is what it is and it’s very sweet hearing what people think about love. What do I think is the best explanation?

“Love is something that I can’t explain”.

If I was approached and asked what I think love means to me I’d probably say…

Love is power? I don’t know that was literally the first thing that came into my mind. Take it however you will. The guys on camera were really, really good at answering such a tough question. That was an easy one to watch, I’m about to delve into some other more abstract ones to flesh K films out a little more.