The first reading was very reminiscent of my communication strand. Pretty much the basis of culture and technology tying into eachother and how they react on one another.

From my understanding technology has almost broken away completely from it’s Greek meaning (technology; the study of arts and crafts) and have become objects devices in which the human race has developed in order to enhance or accelerate a function. They’re pretty much tools but it’s not exclusively mapped to microchips, copper wires and LCD screens. Anything can be a tool as long as techniques are applied to it to serve a purpose. For example this iPhone is technology. Why? It’s a tool that I am using through use of techniques (typing my blog, using the 3G, communicating with my friends via text) to make these processes faster.

If I had this iPhone and had it switched off not serving any purpose other than filling the hole in my pocket then it might still be a technology for filling my pocket. But if it wasn’t meant for that then it ain’t none.

But the notion of techno determinist falls into this category too. Where does the link between culture and technology occur? Could we say that technology shapes the way society acts or society shapes the way technology happens.

In my opinion I think we’re very much techno determinist. In my area at least. That area being metropolitan city slicker. Everything I do is determined by technology.