Stylin’ and ProBrian…n’

So welcome back Brian Morris. The set up to the lecture looked like a Comic Con panel. Which was pretty baller.

I appreciated that each tutor got their input. The whole taking turns thing a real refresher seeing the super minds go at it. Unfortunately I was bordering sleep. I’d just spent the prior 3 hours in the library studying up. Let me tell you, the temperature in the library is a steady sleeping gas. Needless to say this is how I find a seat in the library…

ANYWAY back to lectureland. The intellectual tennis that Brian and Adrian took part in was pretty rockin’. I hope they read this but I would just like to point out it was like Federer and Nadal, Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman. A true show of the ages.

But my take away idea was that this course is preparing us to adapt to the ever-changing landscape that is technology and networked media. So that notion to me is pretty scary. Who knows what the norm will be in 10 years? Will I be able to handle that? What if I’m not dynamic enough to adapt?

But the other part of me is like hellz yeah I’m going to jump onto this change like a spider monkey. If these pass credits ain’t impressin’ who cares? Right?