Look at this fine Melbourne morning.

This is the view from my bus stop. While it looks nice it’s hella windy. It’s been like this for the past week or so. I don’t think I have eyes anymore, they have rocks and leaves in them.

Seriously feel like I’m trying to block a Kamehameha walking down the street. The other day I wore an old hoodie that was way too big for me to my mates house and while standing at the tram stop my hoodie just absorbed all the wind. I thought I was going to sail away like a flying possum.

Another reason I’m not a fan of the wind other than rock hard nipples is that I have sensitive skin. The wind just rips it right apart.

I have to feel for my dog in these times. We recently got her a doggy house. And it’s huge for her, she’s still a pup. We thought this would be her refuge from the hurricane that is Melbourne but the entrance has flaps. Like milk bar flaps and she’s not the brightest dog. Here see for yourself.

Crazy that’s my first video straight from my Instagram.

If you’re keen to follow me anyhow my instagram handle is “eddag”.

So here’s hoping that wind does down a little hey.