Unlecture 2 – The Questioning

This weeks unlecture was differently structured to last weeks. We opened with writing a question on a sheet of paper. I couldn’t think of one and by the time I’d stopped listening to Adrian to dedicate mind capacity into thinking one up, we had to hand them up.

All of the questions were all really relevant and ones that I couldn’t believe I didn’t write.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of a question but I’m going to pin it down on me thinking I’m a little above it all? Yes that’s right I’m calling myself a self-righteous wanker. Or perhaps I’m scared to ask one? But it was anonymous why would I?

To be honest I didn’t think of it; not asking a question. But it was when Adrian said that we should be asking questions and that it’ll be the only way we learn. It was quite a wake up call that it’s not the tutors and lecturers that have to pour information straight into my brain as if this were primary school but it’s up to me to decide how much I actually want to learn. Be proactive that’s something I’m still not used to in an educational facility.

So maybe I need to open my big fat head mind a little and embrace this style of education.

Sure. Something like this. Maybe not as literal.