Yesign Fiction

The two readings were super enjoyable and not as confusing as last weeks. I think the notion of Design Fiction is a radical thang. You might as well call it My Childhood instead because that’s what it is.

I remember sitting around at lunchtimes talking to my mates about making a laser gun that turned things into the food you set. Obviously it was met with criticisms so I’d change the world around my Food Ray for it to be legit.

Turning it into a form of education, though… I mean it’s cool and all but what will yo mamma say when she asks what you’re studying at uni. She’d probably send you to the military. That’s my viewpoint on it being a dedicated subject or course. Maybe hosting think tanks more openly would hold a stronger form of constructive criticisms to help mould your fiction.

Anyway moving on from that, my favourite design fictions… Yes. The ones that I can think of right now, at least.

#1 – The Lightsaber

Hellz yes. I don’t even need to say anything about this it speaks for itself.

#2 – Sonic Screwdriver

Doctor Who’s trustee tool that can pretty much do anything the writers will allow it to. But the basic idea of having a screwdriver that uses supersonic waves to unlock almost every metallic lock? Yes.

#3 – Laser Watch

A classic Bond gadget, one of many design fictions stemming from Ian Flemming’s beautiful mind. Super awesome and handy in a sticky situation.