Dat Lecture

When I arrived 5 minutes into the ‘unlecture’ I was expecting the same old routine of this is what this course is, this is what we do.

About 15 minutes later when I snapped out of the vortex of confusion I’d been stuck in listening to Adrian I began to take mental notes. This is what I can draw from my memory:


– Don’t try to focus on the what you are doing to get there but how do I get to point B. (Was I close?)

– The industry itself is uncertain in what jobs I’ll be getting once I graduate.

– The most striking thing about the unlecture was the notion of essay writing and how we will never question why we still have to write these as a measure of our writing ability. I personally can’t remember the last time I sat down and hand-wrote a passage longer than 500 words. It was probably VCE exams.

– Technology will only get crazier. Adrian used $60,000 cameras in his time. Cameras that bared less quality than the iPhone 4. I think he was holding an iPhone 4.

– Employers stalk us before considering hiring??? Damnit.

– Adrian is the original digital hipster. Blogs in the year 2000? I was starting primary school.


The most enjoyable lecture that I’ve been to this week. Very insightful and entertaining. Orrrr it could’ve been that I had an amazing chocolate, raspberry and pear muffin afterwards.


Course content? I think yes