Stolen Time – By Tianjin Shi

Stolen Time is an experimental short film about the passing of time, inspired by the special 2020 as if it was stolen by someone. It aims to create a mood of instability, chaos and melancholy, allowing the audience to reflect on the 2020 and other disappeared times they have missed. All the scenes focus on clocks, water and rain, which seem to be the best time carriers for making intangible time visible.

This film was shot with a Sony A7R3 camera at 30 fps. Generally using the shutter speed of 1/60, and some scenes are shot at a speed lower than 1/30 to create a feeling of stagnancy. Using Premiere Pro to perform editing processes such as overlapping, adding masks, color grading and so on.

This screen project gives me the opportunity to make an abstract work. Without any characters and dialogues, just using the scenes, rhythms and strange color tone to make an emotional film is the thing which I think I must do once in my university life as a media student. I also learnt other film theoretical knowledge and improved skills of Premiere and Audition during the whole project process.

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