With my question, will my grandfather still be with me through this winter? Will he be able to give me a response if I make a decision? Will I be able to become a great artist in the future? The hope that may exist, the endless dead silence that may always cover, the consciousness that surges, the emotions ignited, the joy that presses, the restlessness that loses itself. I seek help from the earth, I cry out to the sky. But only the waves respond to me with an uncertain song. No matter how many times I tear my heart out and ask him. But I still do not want to learn to be ignorant, I am hysterical, cut again and again by the constant reality.

Uncertainty is an experimental short film that combines the art of dance with non-narrative images to convey a feeling of the unknown, the false, the fading, the eternal. Perhaps the only thing that is certain is that everything is uncertain.

The film was shot on a Kodak cx7530 throughout. The content captured through a lens strapped to a moving body is uncertain. The dance was improvised, my body didn’t know how hard the next wave would push me, I just followed the feeling of the movement and just sought the help of the wind and the waves to complete each movement with me. Through the exaggerated reversal of colors leading the audience to follow a wave, dive into the water, come in, dive in. we seem to have no choice, no escape, deep in. Perhaps these are just an illusion, the waves coming and going are an illusion, the body rising and falling is an illusion, the sound of distance is an illusion. You and I are in a trap, getting deeper and deeper. Terrified. There is nothing to be gained. You and I are not spared. It’s hard to escape from the runaway. Maybe it’s time to stop wandering and dominate fate. Maybe go with the flow and let nature take its course.

I’ve gotten a lot. A breakthrough in content selection, facing pressure head-on, and improvising when unexpected situations arise. Working with people. The courage and tenacity to start again from scratch. The overall balance between dance and video, the way it was combined. Overall I feel a strong sense of happiness because of the freedom and openness of creation.



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