A day of a Chinese female entrepreneur




This is a recording of A day of a Chinese female entrepreneur. (10 hours of working days, with a total recording time of 7 hours.) This video recorded a routine day of how an entrepreneur lives while she is also a female. You will see except me, all of the guests show on the camera are men, and how she be confident and calm in every situation.

During the filming process, I encountered many obstacles, such as visitors, they are not willing to cooperate, even if I only shoot the protagonist. They don’t even want their voice to appear. So, although I have already discussed with the protagonist that the day can be filmed, these matters are not something that the protagonist can control.

A day of a Chinese female entrepreneur was filmed by iPhone 12 pro-Max. I used a tripod the whole time, even in the car. When I was cutting, I put myself in an audience perspective, and I find out this is too long to be a one hour film for the audience. So I adjusted the film to about 15 minutes. Furthermore, I find there is nothing to attract audiences’ concentration, so I put in some routine Chinese business custom knowledge and some voice-over interview part in it.

I find that I can better deal with when an idea can’t be perfectly implemented, or when its presentation is not good enough.  Moreover, during this shooting process, I improved my communication skills and how fact communicating was important. If it is possible in the future, I’d like to cut another version of this film to 10 minutes personal story documentary.

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