FOOD-By BoyuChen

Food is a short film shows the fictional protagonist missing his family by presenting the process of making dumplings. Dumplings represent reunion in Chinese culture,however, it was all in his imagination, the fact that he came home and opened the refrigerator to see only some very bad-looking food. I intend to illustrate the contrast between imagination and reality by presenting the moment of great contrast, and made the audience feel at a loss.  Things in imagination is always good, while sometimes reality is cruel.

In the process of making this film, I learned the most was the ability of color grading.The initial overall picture was very yellow and dull, but by toning it looks much brighter and highlights the color of the food itself. Because this type of video involving food often demands sophisticated lighting gears, I have to relyed more on the Davinci resolve since I was not equipped with any lighting gears. During the production process, I encountered various difficulties that made me realize how challenging it is to make a film. Nevertheless, it also greatly enhanced my problem solving skills and the different possibilities of making a film.

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