“Mis-” – By Iok Hei Lo

This music video is about a girl travel back to the 1980s. As she feels too bored in 2021, so one day a girl from the 80s called her and she was being sent back to the 80s by accident. Due to the coronavirus, every one of us is being trapped in our city for almost 2 years. Repeating and boring life makes us feel breathless. So from this video, I would like my audiences to escape from the reality for around 3 minutes.

I used my Canon M50 to film my video. In order to create the vintage feel, I tried to find a lot of places that are decorated in 80s style. Besides finding a vintage restaurant, I have also used different lighting to create a sense of mystery.

In the process of doing this project, I had faced a lot of unpredictable issues. Which caused me to change my plan temporarily. From this, I learnt not to panic when I face something unpredictable as feeling panic will not help any of my filming progress. Moreover, I think we should always have some backup plan for my project. So we will know what to do if something changes suddenly.


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