Paralysis: Shiloh Cavallin

‘Paralysis’ is a short experimental film that delves into effects and experiences of sleep paralysis. From the eyes of the protagonist, it’s a journey into sleep deprivation that soon leads into mental turmoil and fear.

Point of view shots comprised with archive footage, the content utilises sound design, colour and effects to convey its messaging. Progressing into compositions of night and day, dream and reality, its construction sets out to confuse audience that prevails into second guessing the realm that each shot exists. Using a green screen suit to create a paralysis character, it haunts its victim in both settings.

Throughout the production process, it emphasised the significance of planning and story boarding to avoid creative blocks and issues that may arise. It enabled further knowledge of genre conventions and modes that can be utilised in a narrative to make it more effective that induced technical development in areas of colour grading, sound, effects and composition structure.


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