Rain, Shine, Rain


Rain, Shine, Rain is a film about the a person ruminating while looking at their garden over a period of several days. The film is inspired by contemplative film noir aesthetics. The film tackles the narrative obliquely, which hopefully gives space for its viewers’ various interpretations and ideas.

I made the film thinking about the limitations imposed by the lockdown, and how I might be able to overcome them. I started thinking about the movies I’ve seen and liked, and decided I should do something inspired by the film noirs I’ve watched during my time in Australia. This happened to coincide with the negative feelings and thoughts I had been feeling for the most part of this year. Film noir seemed like a good genre to work around these feelings.

I started to record things that happen to catch my eye, at first with no structure in mind. Simultaneously, I was listening to music and writing down bits of narration that I thought could be used in the film. The music played a big part in the tone and words I chose for the narration. As I sat down to review the ┬áimages I’ve recorded, the structure started to form organically.

I think that at the end of the day, making this film ended up helping think of solutions under limited circumstances. I also think that by studying the references I did for this film, I was able to improve my analytical writing somewhat. All in all, it’s been fruitful in it’s own way, and I hope that I’ll be able to take the lessons I’ve learned and incorporate them into my chosen field in the future.

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