Project 1 – Finalizing with Korsakow

So after I was finished with the clips I simply added them into Korsakow and turned them into SNUs – linking them together with inbound and outbound keywords.

It’s pretty rough but you get the idea more or less, bicycles>motorbikes>law enforcement. All of these subtopics fall within this concept of cycling. I’ve still got a lot to learn but for now it’s all very simple stuff, there are still a wide range of options and features I’ve yet to experiment with but I’m getting the hang of it…kinda.

Project 1 – Creating the clips

At this stage it’s all pretty simple.

For the first clip I decided to focus on this notion of motorcycles in comparison to the traditional form of cycling. I added in an array of audio effects and merged them to create a better atmosphere to suit the image – nothing too special.

The second clip I did the same thing only without motorbikes and just regular bikes, mixed together with a couple of ambient tracks along with bell sounds and some cross cutting between images, it’s a pretty simple means of creating a scene with no real meaning…nonetheless…

Finally for the last video, I focused on the idea of trying to portray cycling in a lawful sense with signs and symbols associated with cycling. Again, cross-cutting mixed together with simple sound effects makes for a pretty bland and easy clip but hey, we’re still in the experimental stage so I’m not going to focus making anything too elaborate.

Of course these clips are nothing compared to a whole lot of other korsakow works, these were all made on Sony Vegas 13 and rendered in .mp4 at 1080p. At this stage I’m not too worried about utilizing the editing software as best I could because I’m already experienced with it, so I’m more focused on learning how to use the Korsakow software more effectively.

Project 1 – Using Korsakow

My understanding of the Korsakow program at the moment is quite basic.

It’s essentially a program for compiling a number of videos/images/sounds into a online interactive documentary.

The program does this by linking the videos one by one dependent on the keyword linked to them. The main video/image you are given first off is known as a SNU and within each SNU you are given the options of an inbound and outbound keyword.

These keywords are used to linked each SNU to each other, e.g. a SNU with an outbound keyword ‘bike’ will link to a SNU with an inbound keyword ‘bike’. To me the easiest way of understanding this concept is to think of a video mind map. A barrage of ideas that branch out whilst still revolving around one main concept.

All in all, the program isn’t difficult to use once you get the hang of it, of course I’m still in the experimenting stage of it all and hopefully I’ll expand and get a better understanding of how to utilize the program to it’s fullest potential.

Project 1 – Adapting to Korsakow

Knowing the limitations of Kosakow and the specific nature of it, I had to work around formatting and rendering mp4 files in order for it to work properly.

mp4 seems to the best format in my opinion because it retains quality whilst the file size isn’t as large as other formats such as .avi. Unfortunately I don’t think .wav would work well on Korsakow for whatever reason, although I wouldn’t use .wav as a means of creating a video to add into Korsakow because unless you’re making a ridiculously long clip (unlikely), then you won’t need to compress the file size that much.

I’m using Sony Vegas as a means of creating video clips for Korsakow mainly because I find it much easier to use than softwares such as premiere and obviously using something like windows movie maker or imovie is limiting in terms of what you can actually do – although at this stage you’re not really expected to do much in these softwares.

Project 1 – Taking the photos

For the most part when taking pictures of random bicycles I began to think that the pictures were getting repetitive, especially if I were to convey images relating to ‘cycling’. DVC00010.JPG

For the longest most of my images were as simple as finding a bike on the street and just snapping a picture of it, however, moving outside the box I began to think of things that may relate to the idea of cycling.

Although given the limitations of photography especially within a small time frame, I was only able to take a couple pictures of other things, not in the best setting obviously due to limitations on equipment (using my phone).



Eventually I ended up expanding this notion of ‘cycling’ into something broader, taking pictures of motorbikes and signs that relate which could branch off into several other topics of interest.

E.g. Staying within the theme of ‘cycling’, I initially took photos of bicycles and thereby moved on to motorbikes, an more or less advanced stage of cycling and then thought of ethical/law issues hence the shots of prohibition signs and lights.