Project 1 – Using Korsakow

My understanding of the Korsakow program at the moment is quite basic.

It’s essentially a program for compiling a number of videos/images/sounds into a online interactive documentary.

The program does this by linking the videos one by one dependent on the keyword linked to them. The main video/image you are given first off is known as a SNU and within each SNU you are given the options of an inbound and outbound keyword.

These keywords are used to linked each SNU to each other, e.g. a SNU with an outbound keyword ‘bike’ will link to a SNU with an inbound keyword ‘bike’. To me the easiest way of understanding this concept is to think of a video mind map. A barrage of ideas that branch out whilst still revolving around one main concept.

All in all, the program isn’t difficult to use once you get the hang of it, of course I’m still in the experimenting stage of it all and hopefully I’ll expand and get a better understanding of how to utilize the program to it’s fullest potential.

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