Project 1 – Taking the photos

For the most part when taking pictures of random bicycles I began to think that the pictures were getting repetitive, especially if I were to convey images relating to ‘cycling’. DVC00010.JPG

For the longest most of my images were as simple as finding a bike on the street and just snapping a picture of it, however, moving outside the box I began to think of things that may relate to the idea of cycling.

Although given the limitations of photography especially within a small time frame, I was only able to take a couple pictures of other things, not in the best setting obviously due to limitations on equipment (using my phone).



Eventually I ended up expanding this notion of ‘cycling’ into something broader, taking pictures of motorbikes and signs that relate which could branch off into several other topics of interest.

E.g. Staying within the theme of ‘cycling’, I initially took photos of bicycles and thereby moved on to motorbikes, an more or less advanced stage of cycling and then thought of ethical/law issues hence the shots of prohibition signs and lights.





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