Reading Week 6: Future Thinking

Gardner in his article highlights the types of mindsets and ways of thinking people generally have and undertake. He categorizes them based on certain factors that people may possess more than others. He eludes to the fact that having a disciplined mind will get you further in life. He defines a disciplined mind as one that ‘has mastered at least one way of thinking’. Adding to the fact that a disciplined mind allows individuals to work more efficiently in terms of pacing and its overall much more effective in the long run in the context of work placements and career.

Gardner lists several points as to how to effectively succeed in future endeavours. While he mentions that a disciplined mind is a strong characteristic to have, he also mentions that without a sense of synthetic thinking – to adapt to technology and information as we are presented with it, we are doomed to become overwhelmed and unable to create decisions that would significantly aid the organization or profession.

I do agree with Gardner in the fact that when looking for a career or when working in general, it’s more likely you’d get better results with a much more disciplined and open mind. Hence when we study in school/university we’re encouraged to hone our thinking and improve it because it’s not just about getting the job you want, it’s about how well you can perform under whatever circumstances are pushed against you.

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