Reading Week 3: Being a Creative Labourer and the Nature of Contemporary Work

Lobato and Thomas makes points of the difficulty procuring a career in the media industry in terms of pay. They mention the blurry line between freelance and exploitation. This raises points regarding whether or not media in general can be considered an art form more so than a labour industry. Ultimately companies and larger businesses are hiring/recruiting those who are familiar with the workings of today’s technology to help aid them in their creative endeavor as a brand – but this also places restrictions on how we’re able to express ourselves creatively in the media profession. Lobato and Thomas eludes to the fact that because our lives depend on the pay, going freelance to express ourselves in the way we want to is very difficult; hence freelance vs exploitation.

This sparks debate in which Lobato and Thomas make in their segment on creative labour and the limitations of providing individuals with the ability to not be exploited but rather a fair balance between sustainable salaries and careers and their own individual desires. But nonetheless, the direction creative labourers choose to take is dependent on society in context – government systems, cultural influence, economical changes, etc.

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