Coop Horror

Is it me or does adding coop to a ‘horror’ game kinda just ruin it?

Personally I think the whole reason a game’s scary is the whole idea of ‘loneliness’ where you have to consider that you aren’t getting help and you are all alone, well most of the time. Take for instance, Dead Space 3. Don’t get me wrong, Dead Space 3 was fun, but I considered it more like an action game with monsters more than a horror experience. Now Dead Space and Dead Space 2 were great in terms of creating atmosphere, struggle and survival, but what made them scary is the fact that you had to fend for yourself and get through the environment by yourself.

Dead Space 2

But I guess it’s up to preference because I can understand some people being reluctant to play certain horror games where you’re alone, such as Amnesia or Penumbra.


Symposium Week 4

The whole discussion of Print media vs. Network/Digital media had me thinking a bit over the last week. I kind of understand how that print is slowly dying in a sense but then again, I feel that print has just evolved to collaborate with the digital age. Example, nowadays we see newspapers, books and academic work being typed, mass produced and printed digitally on a computer. This in turn is sent to an electronic receiving printing press where it’s able to mass produce the work and form it into a practical printed book/page. Rather than saying that print is dead it’d probably be more accurate to say that print has just evolved and changed to meet technological standards, but that’s just my opinion.

Assassin’s Creed Unity Thoughts

I’m actually looking forward to this installment of Assassin’s Creed probably because it’s going back to what it was before – a simple accept contract and kill target kind of format, Black Flag was fun and all but it just wasn’t the same as the older games because of the whole open-world thing, but this game looks pretty promising considering it’s also coop \(`0´)/

Symposium Thought

Week 3’s Symposium in my opinion kind of ended up being a whole fear fest with this whole copyright discussion, even I was kind of afraid of doing anything online anymore because of that. Honestly with all these laws about online copyright and such barely any of these make any difference to how people act…Recently I read a post about the new anti-piracy law introduced into japan regarding the restrictions on Anime and Manga publications online and in short the admin of the site stated that even though this law has been introduced, it probably won’t change the fact that the site will offer users free access to fan-subbed anime. My guess is that it’s because the jurisdiction won’t reach wherever the source of the website is based in is. But in any case, it just goes to show that although we have these laws, there really isn’t anything to fret over, but the whole discussion we had in the symposium kind of put everyone on edge…

Copyright and Piracy

I know I touched on this issue previously but to elaborate on this whole copyright law, in my opinion as we discussed in class, copyright is something that we all do mostly subconsciously. As Jason puts it, it’s like jaywalking, you do it when it’s safe to but occasionally there are times when you just shouldn’t, mainly cause’ there are cop around…(¬、¬). In any case, this I agree with the fact that copyright isn’t really an issue unless you make it one, like if you wanna start something with someone, go ahead, but otherwise, I’m sure that if you’re just using a picture or something made by someone who just wants to share then it’s alright. But if you start acting like a jerk and saying that you made the work then issues might arise.

Personally if I made something I really liked and someone else was claiming it was their work I’d be like (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ and be on their ass like white on rice. Copyright is seriously a grey area though when it comes to the internet…it makes no exception for time or place but hey, everyone does it, you just have to know when and when you can.

Network vs. Print

The fact that print is diminishing is quite evident today. Print and Network literacy though they may differ, though networking is becoming more used than print, harbor the same principles in terms of understanding and what is required to become literate in these mediums. As Adrian Miles states, literacy in these mediums require one to understand how to obtain what and make use of the source as effectively as possible. Hence, if one requires knowledge it is up to that person to be able to understand how to acquire and apply that knowledge. Similarly with Networking, although to become literate you need to have a vivid understanding of how to use sources effectively, that doesn’t mean that you have to be able to understand the certain codes required to create that website, but rather how to access and use that website the most effectively as you can.  Continue reading

Anime Vs. Manga

Recently I had a conversation with a friend and we were discussing how an original anime such as Ano Hana would always be better than if someone created a manga of it and vise versa, if an anime is created based on manga, the manga’ll most likely be better. Now this kind of got me thinking, manga allows for a much more vivid art style which anime can’t replicate but anime provides a sort of story telling medium that can’t be replicated by manga or live action. I guess anime is more captivating to audiences because they don’t have to bother with analyzing the images and reading but in my opinion, to create an anime such as Ano Hana for example, rather than trying to incorporate every aspect of manga into the anime such as art style, the story needs to be much more thought out and planned, such as Code Geass. In the end though both mediums of storytelling appeals to different kinds of people, but i’d say that the majority of really great animes come from authors able to create both a unique, captivating story and back it up with their own unique art style.