Reading Week 2: Opportunities and Trends in The Global Entertainment Industries

Chris Lederer & Megan Brownlow’s study on the changing statistics of the Entertainment and Media companies and how they’re profiting from different forms and types of media just goes to show the ever changing trends and how in order to survive in this industry, we’re required to adapt according to the technology we’re faced with – which in turn changes the values, wants and needs of society.

We begin to see many changes to the E&M Industry, with the introduction and advancement of the internet, more and more individuals are profiting from online businesses, however older companies tend to use it as a means of expanding their advertising border, hoping to target a much larger demographic.

All of these studies shown in Lederer and Brownlow’s research has eluded to the fact that with these changes in technology and social values, more and more companies are in higher demand of those individuals who are in touch and familiar with the workings of these technologies, who are capable of utilizing their familiarity to help keep the business afloat.

However this also means that more younger people are starting their own business due to the ease of access they have to the vast technology and the fact that the internet has now become a means of connecting to those who prefer to have an easy to access means of shopping/consuming.

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