Project 1 – Adapting to Korsakow

Knowing the limitations of Kosakow and the specific nature of it, I had to work around formatting and rendering mp4 files in order for it to work properly.

mp4 seems to the best format in my opinion because it retains quality whilst the file size isn’t as large as other formats such as .avi. Unfortunately I don’t think .wav would work well on Korsakow for whatever reason, although I wouldn’t use .wav as a means of creating a video to add into Korsakow because unless you’re making a ridiculously long clip (unlikely), then you won’t need to compress the file size that much.

I’m using Sony Vegas as a means of creating video clips for Korsakow mainly because I find it much easier to use than softwares such as premiere and obviously using something like windows movie maker or imovie is limiting in terms of what you can actually do – although at this stage you’re not really expected to do much in these softwares.

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