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  1. Notes on The Long Tail

    September 19, 2013 by oliviapaterson

    Demonstrates the way in which an entirely new economic model for the media and entertainment industries.Unlimited selections is revealing truths about what consumers want to get in service after service…New rules for the entertainment industry.1. Make everything available. 2. Cut the price in half. 3. Help me find it.




  2. Notes on Networked Media Class (week 8)

    September 18, 2013 by oliviapaterson

    Class reflection on lecture

    • How hypertext relates to Google model… assumptions about how google works turn out to be wrong assumptions.
    • Talking about the keyboard…being one of the oldest things and remains unchanged.
    • Then end point…every power structure that has ever existed has had a center and structure. How does something function without a center and without a structure?
    • The class thought that the discussion on video games was interesting and debated about weather or not they are form of hypertext.
    • Definition of a game was something that could be won.
    • Should modern ‘games’ be considered games or rather interactive experiences?


    RED- first impressions

    Green- what do you like about the Niki post?

    Yellow-creative opportunity. What could be added?

    White-information. What would you like to know more about?


    Our Feedback:

    • Generally people liked our idea and thought that it was very authentic.
    • We should add other forms of media such as 30 second video
    • Unique idea
    • Well presented and laid out
    • People thought that it was good because they did not know much about open source and that it was helpful that we explained what open source was in our niki so that they could understand the niki page.

  3. Blog Audit Revised

    August 30, 2013 by oliviapaterson

    Blog Audit Revised

    • Lose marks
    • Food related
    • Audited for three consecutive weeks
    • Extra blog posts required
    • ·       Must come dressed up (i.e George W. Bush)


    • Private (within the class)
    • Opportunity for redemption

     Email from Elliot – giving you options

    1.      Lose marks
    2.    Food related
    3.    Audited for three consecutive weeks
    4.     Extra blog posts required 

  4. Do Schools Kill Creativity?

    August 26, 2013 by oliviapaterson


    • The ted talk focused on children’s capacity for creativity and how schools, or the traditional teaching methods tend to squander children’s talents.
    • I think that its true that nowadays creativity is as important as literacy maybe even more important, especially when it comes to original thought
    • I thought that his observation of the ways children compared to adults was interesting in that a child will take a chance,
    • “if they don’t know,  they will have a go”
    • They are not frightened of being wrong. He reiterates that if you’re not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original.  So my question is how does that happen? When do we become unprepared to be wrong? And why are we so afraid to be wrong?
    • Most adults have lost the ability to have original thought.
    • Sir Ken’s answer is that schools and universities are educating people out of their creative capacity.
    • “all children are born artists” Picasso
    • another example- William Shakespeare, imagine him as  a child, even worse though imagine being his English teacher.
    • When you look at schools all over the world it is clear that they all have the same ranking of subjects….maths, languages, humanities, arts. With even arts being divided with music and art above drama and dance.
    • At school and as children we are steered away from the things that we like on the count of the fact that we will never get a job doing those things. Which is a notion that came about in the age of industrialisation where the more ‘useful’ skills got you a job and earned the most money.

  5. Blog Audit

    August 22, 2013 by oliviapaterson

    Blog Audit


    Public humiliation-blog humiliation

    No negative repercussions

    If you’re dishonest you have to shout everyone/ Elliot a drinks, drugs, food

    Adrian will see how much or little we have done, this will give him something to speculate on. 

    Marks off

    Incremental decrease on marks


    We voted and came to the conclusion that there are no negative repercussions. Everyone gets 10.

    Also there will be no need to bring the participation forms, as everyone will be getting 10.  That would be a waste of trees.

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