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Notes on Networked Media Class (week 8)

September 18, 2013 by oliviapaterson   

Class reflection on lecture

  • How hypertext relates to Google model… assumptions about how google works turn out to be wrong assumptions.
  • Talking about the keyboard…being one of the oldest things and remains unchanged.
  • Then end point…every power structure that has ever existed has had a center and structure. How does something function without a center and without a structure?
  • The class thought that the discussion on video games was interesting and debated about weather or not they are form of hypertext.
  • Definition of a game was something that could be won.
  • Should modern ‘games’ be considered games or rather interactive experiences?


RED- first impressions

Green- what do you like about the Niki post?

Yellow-creative opportunity. What could be added?

White-information. What would you like to know more about?


Our Feedback:

  • Generally people liked our idea and thought that it was very authentic.
  • We should add other forms of media such as 30 second video
  • Unique idea
  • Well presented and laid out
  • People thought that it was good because they did not know much about open source and that it was helpful that we explained what open source was in our niki so that they could understand the niki page.


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