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Nikki Entry (week 10)

October 2, 2013 by oliviapaterson   



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Hey guys, my name’s Mark Zuckerberg. I’m 29 years old (birthday is May 14, 1984) and proudly American. I was born in White Plains, New York. I’m mainly a computer programmer and internet entrepreneur. You might know
my name mainly because I was one of the 5 inventors of a little site called Facebook ;)Hopefully after you read this you will accept my friendships request!

My Past:
I went to Harvard Uni way back which is where Facebook originated, my roommates and I actually created it just for students, but then expanded it as we realised its potential. I decided to drop out of Harvard in my sophomore year in order to work more on my project.
I’ve always loved computer games, and since I was kid when all my friends were playing them I was creating them, lol! I started writing software in middle school and I did a graduate course in the subject while I was still at
high school. I designed an instant messenger-type system for my dad’s dental office and home computers to communicate and I developed a music player with AI capabilities to predict user’s song interests. Microsoft and AOL both tried to purchase my product and recruit me straight out of high school but I chose to go to Harvard instead. I didn’t want full-time work yet, I needed a few more years of stuffing around at school.

My Problems:

I’m not going to say much about the controversy surrounding my release of Facebook as I’m sure a lot of you know about it by now. I did after all have a movie made about me, pretty cool huh :)

My Present:

I am currently working towards registering the 5 billion humans who were not connected to the Internet as of the conference on Facebook. This is intertwined with the aim of the project, whereby my Facebook, with the support of other technology companies, seek to increase the number of people connected to the internet.

Last words: 

I do just want to say, I’m extremely proud of my invention and I know it’s absolutely revolutionised social networking. Which is pretty amazing.
Please accept my friend request by hitting this link!!!


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