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September 18, 2013 by oliviapaterson   

Can video games be considered hypertext narratives? How? Why?

  • The relationships between different media forms…but sometimes it is clear that they are not the same. Games don’t have a narrative
  • Example: pinball does not have a narrative
  • Gaming meet television for example survivor.


How do you actually write a hypertext narrative?

  • Hypertext like blogs are an emerging structure
  • When you write a hypertext narrative each individual sections make sense all by them selves similar to our blogs, to understand them you don’t usually have to read the last three weeks of posts to understand the one that your reading.  They are highly granular
  • Context of audience…why and how will the audience connect with the piece?


Why is hypertext considered influential in the future development of media making and story telling?

  • Interplay between hypertext and networks and history itself.  History can be explained as a highly complex network  that has been put into narrative.
  • As human beings we always try to find a linear context to everything.
  • There is a hyper textual mode of reading that has become an important and more engaging way of reading texts.
  • Hypertext is cinematic… the only difference between film and hypertext is that film is fixed. Where hypertext there can be numerous different options, which are not fixed.
  • One shot next to another can change the meanings of both shots.
  • The meaning is not in the shot it is outside the two, its in the relationship between them. It no longer sits inside the narrative but in the connection and the relation ship that exists in the relations of the parts.


The long tail seems to advocate a free market model for the entertainment industry. Anderson says this model allows for more diversity, however, do you think problems such as a recommendations hierarchy could emerge?

  • Facebook feeds… you liking some things disregards you from other things. Facebook learns what you like and then almost stops you from other interests.
  • Similarly in music, programs have started to learn our particular tastes and then discourage too much exploration.
  • Facebook has become a social media disaster…it has become overcome by advertising and it doesn’t necessary work on recommendations hierarchy.
  •  Page rank on google works on how many links go to your page.


Does a network have a center? Or do we all create centers for our own networks?

  • No not necessary become they work depending on the relationships and links between people, which we make. Yet given this in a way are we the centers for networks given the necessity of our input.

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