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Lecture Notes- Beta Symposium

August 13, 2013 by oliviapaterson   

What is the practicality of design fiction for people who are not designers? What separates it from science fiction?

  • Science fiction is a good example of how we can implement the principles of design fiction.
  • Design fiction is about the broader ways of creating things. It does not rely on being evidence based.
  • Science fiction has its own hang-ups and traditions that differ from that of design fiction.
  • Design is fashionable… designers have the tools to solve problem within businesses or in the larger context of society. i.e asylum seekers, politicians find ways to ‘solve’ this problem but has it solved the overall issue? No.
  • Question. What do you think your job will look like in 2020? Will it still exist? Our problem is how will we make money?
  • Design fiction is a tool to dig ourselves out of a hole i.e housing commission and its effects on society. Was there social equality?
  • Design fiction is very humble it can be done in small increments, it is not neutral it is not trying to pretend that it will have the ultimate solution.
  • Designers look behind to see what has been done, they nearly always attempt to change and make better what has already been done. i.e Google, allowing 20% of their paid time to ‘play’… or speculative thinking.
  • Question. How does innovation occur? You can’t have one idea without the other?
  • As the Internet evolves it becomes easier to find out where you found the information but harder to remember what that information was.

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