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Do Schools Kill Creativity?

August 26, 2013 by oliviapaterson   


  • The ted talk focused on children’s capacity for creativity and how schools, or the traditional teaching methods tend to squander children’s talents.
  • I think that its true that nowadays creativity is as important as literacy maybe even more important, especially when it comes to original thought
  • I thought that his observation of the ways children compared to adults was interesting in that a child will take a chance,
  • “if they don’t know,  they will have a go”
  • They are not frightened of being wrong. He reiterates that if you’re not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original.  So my question is how does that happen? When do we become unprepared to be wrong? And why are we so afraid to be wrong?
  • Most adults have lost the ability to have original thought.
  • Sir Ken’s answer is that schools and universities are educating people out of their creative capacity.
  • “all children are born artists” Picasso
  • another example- William Shakespeare, imagine him as  a child, even worse though imagine being his English teacher.
  • When you look at schools all over the world it is clear that they all have the same ranking of subjects….maths, languages, humanities, arts. With even arts being divided with music and art above drama and dance.
  • At school and as children we are steered away from the things that we like on the count of the fact that we will never get a job doing those things. Which is a notion that came about in the age of industrialisation where the more ‘useful’ skills got you a job and earned the most money.


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