Another World: Reflection #13

P.S I love You

I had a sleepover during the Easter break. My friend suggested we watched P.S I Love You (2007) and when I told her I have not watched it she freaked out. I was inspired by certain scenes which were related to my story world. So far I have been watching crime and thriller shows thus I did not expect to get some more inspiration from a romance film. In my story world, one of my characters the boyfriend is dead but spiritually alive in Anna’s mind the protagonist. In the film P.S I Love You, Gerry died due to a brain tumour and he left his wife several letters after his death. The wife, Holly is in grief and in certain scenes she imagines that Gerry is still with her. The scenes where Gerry reappears was smooth and the dialogues were done in a way the audience know he was gone but we still felt his strong presence.

(Screengrabs from Netflix)

This scene especially when Holly asked “Where have you been?” and continued “I haven’t felt you around lately”. Then he replied, “I’ve been so around”. The part where she uses her senses to feel his presence made us imagine the world between Gerry and Holly. The world where we know is in Holly’s mind and that she uses her senses to describe her emptiness. Then Gerry comes in the picture replying that he was still here. This scene had got me thinking about how I should create the world between the protagonist and her dead boyfriend. How am I going to show that he is not dead to the audience and will only be revealed it at the end? How am I going to show that the relationship is still alive?

Here’s an excerpt that I just thought of using the same concept as the film above.

Anna comes home and find her boyfriend standing in the living room waiting for her.
She walks towards him and hug him. He is ice cold so Anna rubs his back to create 
some warmness. She disentangles herself from him. She walks towards the heater.


You’re freezing cold. Why didn’t you switch on the heater?


I didn’t feel cold.

I was thinking of using the cold element in my story world to show that even though he is “alive” he is actually cold like the dead. I am also thinking of if I should change his physical feature as the story progresses. He will start to look pale and blue. This could either mean that the weather in that city is getting terribly cold or it is obvious that he is dead depending on how I create the world between Anna and her boyfriend.  I feel that I should portray their relationship with a subtle reference describing the dead.

I am still in progress in creating the smaller world in my story world. Every other element or layer I add changes some parts of the element. Thus, creating this big world I need to understand all the smaller worlds.


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