Another World: Reflection #14

Colour Scheme in Progress

I have been thinking about the colour scheme for my story world. I was considering colour tones ranging from white, cool blue and black. I explored to find out more about colour palette through films with similar colour tones that I am looking for. For example, Corpse Bride (2005) and Revenant (2015) have the kind of tone and mood that I want to evoke from my story world. The colour tone in Corpse Bride has the mood that I want to reflect when the protagonist and boyfriend co-exist in the world. The colour tones are darker compared to Revenant. The different shade of blue evokes a deeper and intimate emotion. The contrast between light and dark where the light is illuminated by the character while the darkness surrounds the character gives a strong depth of the world. It feels more mysterious and serious at the same time. The setting in Revenant takes place in the mountains and some place with snow which is similar to my story world where snow plays a big part in evoking the emotions and visual of the story world. I like how the colour of the sky is reflected on the colour of the snow. There’s a blue-ish cool layer which is the main tone of the film. The colour tone in Revenant was what I imagined for my story world to look like especially the city area and the dumping ground. Not only will the ground look so white because of the snow but the sky above is in the same colour. The whiteness is like a blank canvas waiting for something to happen.

I then tried to create a colour scheme for my story world and it was actually not that easy. I had a help from a colour palette generator but the colours did not turn out like how I wanted it to look like. I kept changing my mind on the different shade and tint of blue. Also, I need to add a contrasting colour which is red. Since white, is the base of everything it seems easy to add any colour to it, however, it is hard to control the colour tone so that it would be the same throughout.

I still need to work on the colour palette for my story world. I will need to create a variety of samples that I feel suits best and show it to the class to get some feedbacks on how I can improve on it.


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