Another World: Project Brief 4

Another World Experience

Another World has taught me to create a world based on locations, genre, character back story, boundaries, internal logic and more. The class has expanded my creativity by writing a story based on what the world has to offer.  We did a lot of team collaboration by sharing our thoughts and ideas on existing scripts. Here’s a quote from John Cleese “it’s easy to be creative if you’ve got other people to play with” (Cleese, 1991). True to the quote, it was enjoyable to learn what others have in mind and work with each other ideas. We then rewrote existing scripts to practice our writing skills. We also encountered different script writing techniques from films to animation. It helped me understand how script writing is written and how a scene is described. In the beginning of the class, I knew I was lacking in my writing skills but with the resources given and practices in class, it has helped me improved in my script writing.

My project “Cold Soul” was created based on genre. I created the world through the motive of the genres. Following that, I structured the world with locations, weather, tone and mood. It is not your typical approach to writing a script but it has helped me imagine what my story world will be like before adding my characters. It then makes me think of how will the characters move around or how are they affected in the world that I have created. I had a better sense and control of what was going on in my world. In addition, we had script writing practices such as analysing scripts and how to improve it. Instead of using one word to describe an action, I learned that describing the action in more words helps the reader to understand the character better for example, “Chris is frustrated” is better written “Chris abruptly stops playing the guitar” shows that the action between him and the object emphasise how unhappy he is.

I then started writing my script for “Cold Soul”.  Over the last few weeks, we continued collaborating but with a different team each lesson. We exchange our scripts and feedbacks with one another. In every new collaboration, I learnt a thing or two from my fellow classmates. Their feedbacks were useful and constructive. It has helped me improved my writing skills by giving more depth to my character and the world itself. At first, I was lacking in describing the locations in the world but through the course of exchanging scripts, I was able to improve my writing. Every time I made a change to the script it becomes better. The readers were able to visualise the world that I have created. I was able to write three short scripts that were key scenes to the world, a synopsis, mood board and audio. Each product helps to give a sense of how the world will look like and the characters.

Team collaboration is key to Another World. It has taught me to share my ideas even if it is not fully developed at first. Over time, sharing ideas with one another has helped me developed my story. Once we understood each other world we were all able to picture how the world is. Also, the element in creating the world gives a better setting and direction of how I was going to write my script. It helps to break down the world so that I myself can have a better understanding of what I have created. Thus, Another World has broadened my creativity and approach to script writing.



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