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Incorporating or breaking fiction and non- fiction film techniques was the base of this short film.  I wanted to create a docu-drama that uses a different film technique by not revealing the character’s face. Audiences will only be able to know how or who she is through having conversation with the people she chance upon. The way to go about this film was to film from her back or a wide shot of her walking from across the street. The camera acts like a “stalker” by following the main character around and watching her from a distance. I did a few test shoot to see if my approach was workable. During the test shoot it has allow me to explore the kind of angles I should be using in my film. The distance from the camera and the character gives a distant feeling that the audience should feel about the character. Besides, the film technique the other important part was capturing the right atmosphere at the right time. The atmosphere is the essence of the story which brings out and amplify the emotions that the character is feeling.

Originally, the setting of the story was to film a day to night scene so that audiences will be able to see the progress of the character. After filming for a few days the scenes from noon until late afternoon was too bright. There were overexposed scenes and the brightness did not give the right feel. Also, omitting the conversations that the character was supposed to have when encountering strangers. I then concentrate on capturing the right emotions that I want my audience to feel. Since filming during the day time does not give the right atmosphere. I then filmed mostly when the sun is about to set around 5pm. There were more shade and it creates a heavy tone unlike in the day.

Keeping to the outline of the story and emphasising on the character’s emotion; loneliness. I filmed in empty streets and alleys to show how the character wanders about. The emptiness and places that were less crowded gives a lonesome atmosphere of what the character is feeling. Being new here and isolated from the society as she don’t feel like she fits in here. I filmed the same actions of her walking along the streets and following her from the back multiple times so that it will emphasise on how the main character is lonely. It also feels like she has a destination to go to however the repeated scenes will make the character feel lost as she keeps wandering.

The intended story had a more complex scenes and conversations. Thus, it being unfinished, the direction I took was to concentrate on the personality and emotions that my main character is feeling into my shots.

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