Another World: Reflection #15

Dexter World and Mine?

One of the other feedbacks I received was to check out Dexter (2006) where he talks to his dead father. In my story world, the protagonist is able to see the boyfriend not knowing he is dead. I jumped to season 3 where his relationship with his father is more prominent rather than a flashback in the previous seasons. The world where his father appears is set in a dream-like state. His father appears only when he faces difficulties in life or in need of advice. When Dexter emotions are piled up and he closes his eyes, only then his father will appear. The world is bright with warm tones and overexposed lights.  It separates you from the real world. It is as though a guardian angel descended onto earth. Dexter and his father, Harry has a conversation with each other. Dexter knows that his father is dead because there was this scene where he said: “I could have given you this life”. His father answers to his concerns are neutral which makes Dexter questions himself further.  Dexter exits the world once he opens his eyes.

(Dexter Season 3 Ep 2 & 3)

The world between Dexter and his father is different from what my world will be. The protagonist and her boyfriend world are more subtle where the audiences would not be able to realise that the boyfriend is dead. The world is darker and cool as compared to Dexter where the colour of the world has an overwhelming of warm colour tones.

While watching the rest of the show I was inspired more by the “killing scene” rather than the relationship with the father. I noticed that Dexter will cover the killing location with a clear plastic and then he places images of innocent victims that the guilty victim had murdered. He wears an apron and he has a special tool box. He is very skilful when it comes to killing the guilty victims. He goes straight to the vital parts of the body with no remorse. It reminded me of how I should portray my protagonist when she kills her victims. Will she be clean and skilful or just plain messy with blood splattering everywhere? Since my character is a doctor I will take on the route that she is skilful and knows how to torture her victims slowly. In addition, in Dexter, he narrates the story which allows the audience to enter his mind and also see his different personality. He goes about his normal daily life but at the back of his head, there is this voice from the narration that reminds him of what he should do. In American Psycho (2000) the narration of the story was voiced by the protagonist. So far, both shows use the protagonist to narrate the story and giving us insights from their mind. However, I do not think I will be taking that approach and let the audience figure out her character along the way.

Thus, I will have to work on my characters personality to better portray the world. I will have to start thinking of how I want to portray the protagonist when she kills the victims. Also, working on the world between the protagonist and the boyfriend.


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