WK 3 Readings (The Story Lab)

Plan Transmedia

The key points that I took from this reading would be the formats of storytelling, and the shapes that are used to describe these. It talks about the “shape” of the universe, where “pre-setting the shape of a communicative system is a fundamental operation in the creative and editorial process of distributing a story in new media”.  A fundamental system: FLAT: The forces are subjected to move on a single infinite plane, where everything happens in order; CURVED: The forces are subjected to move and take on different forms, where it is not predictable, and it allows for organic growth. Another main point that relates to the works that we will be working on later in the semester , can have two shapes: A SPHERE – a system based on perfectly balanced communication between the various media, and A SADDLE – a multimedia system in which the mass of bodies tend to spread out and enlarge, where it tends to disperse (if spread too thin, the audience can become bored). The reading goes on to say the mass of the bodies depends on the richness of their contents and the media changes within a project. The way this reading talks about ‘The Dark Night’ film was so fascinating to me, in the way they used multiple platforms, in order to reach a wider audience and to engage the user throughout the different elements. It was a way of involving the audience into the up and coming film, so therefore a marketing strategy.


The Matrix and Transmedia Storytelling

This reading talks about how a transmedia story will unfold across various platforms, with each new element making a valuable contribution to the overall storyline. Janet murray os thinking that we will all lead into the next step of narrative, because us, as an audience, try to seek out a story beyond its limits. When transmedia franchises become successful, it is when a single creator maintains all of the control. “Stories are basic to all human cultures, the primary means by which we structure, share, and make sense of our common experience; rather we are seeing the emergence of new story structures, which create complexity by expanding the range of narrative possibility rather than pursuing a single path with a beginning, middle and end”.

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