Symposium WK 11

This symposium I found was different to all of the rest, the tutors did a lot of talking as well as Adrian. I appreciated how Adrian related everything that we learnt back in with Networked Media, and explained that everything is constantly changing. This is why the course changes and why they don’t know what they will be covering. he said the 8 years ago there was no such thing as a video blog, now all of a sudden look where we are in terms of technology and the Internet. Imagine in another 8 years time. He says that for someone who is a camera operator, all they will be doing is working from a joystick. Maybe there will be cars that need no driver, they are capable of doing it themselves. It would be more beneficial to have had this talk at the beginning as well as the end of the course, because it puts in perspective what we have learnt and why. Why is everything important that we have studied and why the subject keeps changing. Another example was how an app will come out and by the next week there will already be an update. From this point of view I can see how the course has been designed the way it has, however sometimes it was not so clear cut.

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