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Month: March 2016

What makes a blog engaging?

What makes a blog engaging?

This question is a difficult one to answer simply because every individual has their own taste in content they like to read. Some be factual, imaginary or a simple rant etc. I agree with Prezis‘ idea that the headline is vital for a blog. It shouldn’t be too long, however it should be catchy and very briefly give an idea of what the blog is about. Prezi also mentions that as writers we are to know ourselves, for example I believe I’m more of a thinker and personal story teller. It’s also important to make your material ‘scannable’, for instance using bold, underline, lists and links within your blog so you can attract readers to your main points.

Joyce’s Twelve Blue blog was not really my cup of tea. The theme/layout reminds me of an old, semi-broken computer, where everything is in blue links. To be completely honest it hurts my eyes. But as I said, everyone has their personal taste, however to someone like me, that blog tastes like mashed broccoli.

Okay so I thought maybe I should explain the image that headlines my blog..

I took this photo in Lakes Entrance in 2012. I had (and still do have) a passion for photography, and I absolutely love capturing the sun set. I don’t know whether you’ve been or not, but Lakes Entrance has some of the most amazing settings I’ve ever come across.. that includes Hawaii!!

Anyway, Lakes is a place I holiday every summer with my family. This photograph of the boat heading into the sunset has become artwork on the wall of my home, and also came runners up in the ‘Gippsland Lakes Summer Photography Competition’. I put it on my blog page not only because it’s beautiful, but also because it represents so much about my work and what I love.


Talking on trains

This morning I hopped on my usual train towards the city for uni. I didn’t have to search far for a seat which was a nice change. I sat opposite a man who looked to be in his 30s. He immediately warned me about sitting in gum, thankfully i wasn’t but i kindly laughed it off and tried to keep to myself. He continued to start conversation, asking if i was a uni student, and what i was studying etc. I started to feel a little uncomfortable, I honestly just wanted to put my ear phones in and  zone out as i usually do. It then occurred to me that maybe this man had some issues, he wasn’t a ‘freak’ by any means, he was just different.  But when did being different mean you have issues? When did trying to speak to others on public transport become strange, whilst blocking out all your surroundings became the norm? Through my music I could hear the man start conversation with the gentleman beside me, he also looked confused and tried to kill the convo. He got off a couple of stops before me, flashing a smile on his way out the door. I started feeling guilty, maybe I was the ‘different’ one.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons provides copyright licences to facilitate sharing and reuse of creative content. It’s used as a license to tell others how they can legally share your work. It’s best for individuals to look for free images, texts, music resources to use in their work. Different rules and regulations apply under different circumstances, for example, as a student the likelihood of me facing serious penalties for using copywrited material is reduced.

In saying this, don’t be scared away from sharing work you found interesting. You can find a lot of creative commons licensed material on the Internet that can be used for free. It’s important to credit the authors when using creative commons material and check that the material is free to be used commercially before posting it on your  blogs.  🙂 HAPPY BLOGGING 

creative commons

Anti- Library

The week 2 reading made me realise how anti-library I am as a person. It’s not that I have anything against libraries or people who use and abuse them, it’s just that I NEVER take advantage of them. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever borrowed a book out of my own will (obviously i was forced to in High School).

The variety libraries offer is insane, however I’m honestly not into reading at all so I’ve never had the urge to go in and borrow a  book. I suppose the fact that i’m tech savvy, interferes with my ability to sit down and read from a book, I’d much prefer to research information online. When it comes to university I’m all over the online library in regards to referencing, though I’ve never been over to the State library despite the incredible feedback I hear about it from peers.

You’d think todays ‘epiphany’ would send me running to the next library I see… guarantee it won’t happen. I’m just anti- library!

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