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Month: May 2015

Week 12 Lecture

Today Dan gave us a short lecture on technological determinism as a way of looking at the world. I found it really interesting and had to agree that we as humans are in charge of what the future will bring. I mean if you look at it in a tech sort of way, we are the ones who create and innovate, which can lead to massive changes to the way society functions in the future. I enjoyed the Kara video he played us, it was a little strange/ creepy, but the ideas it raised were intriguing. The thought of machines becoming too intuitive and powerful is a little bit distressing, but then again, we can control them..? It’s a very ironic concept.  Dan then discussed the power of ‘dust’ and showed us a short clip to support his argument that dust has “negligible matter”.  I didn’t really understand this part of the lecture, but I’m sure once I look at this weeks reading, it’ll become  far more clear.

Semester 1 Blogging Re-cap

In all honesty when we had our first workshop 12 weeks ago I felt like a deer in the headlights. I had no blogging experience, and it took me a couple of weeks to really get the hang of things. However, it quickly became a common part of Media Comm at RMIT and ensuring we blogged after every class became easier and easier. Once I finally decided on a theme for my blog, I started to personalise it as much as I could. By week 4 I figured out how to link the whole Monday Crew down the side of my page. I also created sub-categories and an about me page etc. Now I know what I’m doing, and i’ll be able to use this blog as much as possible. If you look back at my first blog post, well lets just say I’ve come a long way 🙂


Here are links to my top 5 posts for semester 1:



Week 12 Workshop

Today’s class was the final one for the semester!!! Although I’m going to miss the Monday crew, I’m really looking forward to the break! And hopefully i’ll see them in some of my classes next semester as well. We got to present our web page to the class today, and we received a fairly positive response. We’re very happy with how its all coming together and realised we had a lot more information than we thought. The only thing we are yet to upload are the videos, but once they’re included, the blog will be looking complete. We decided to have one final meet up before submission, then we have successfully completed Media 1! WOOHOO

Week 11 Workshop

Today, Alaine, Jess and I worked really well together. We brought all our materials together that we set each other last week. Even without Robbie today, we sat quietly in our groups and worked on our project. Jess showed us the edit to our website and it looks amazing, so much better than I thought it would. Now we just have to add all our stuff to it 🙂 Alaine found a great interview involving Rupert Murdoch, which we began pulling a part and manipulating to make it sound like a funny love letter. We realise the video itself may not seem relevant to media institutions, however our description as to why we have done it will make sense. I showed my article and timeline to the group which they liked, thank god haha! We also interviewed Phillip today, he provided such great insights to our topic, and the whole video is going to be a great asset to our project overall. Next week we should be able to start finishing up with everything, and start writing our reflections.

Week 10 Lecture- Institutions

The lecture this week was one I was looking forward to as ‘institutions’ was the topic my group was given for project brief 4. Although I found the lecture interesting, it didn’t really give me any new ideas for the project. Which I guess is a good thing, it means Jess, Alaine and I were on the right track when dismantling the idea of ‘what is a media institution’.  The lecture discussed institutions as a term from sociology. It also encouraged us to consider the social, cultural, political, and economics relationships. As well as the principles, values, and rules that underlay these. As I said, the lecture didn’t change my mind on what to include on our website for project brief 4, however it was great to hear a little more about the topic before we really got into it. After this talk, Paul spoke to us about our work attachments, which we have to complete as part of this degree, usually in 2nd or 3rd year. It’s basically 80 hours of work experience with a company or institution of our choice. I haven’t started thinking about where I’d like to complete mine, however I’d like to make sure I get the most out of the experience that I possibly can. Paul offered his help (if needed) to find work attachments, I may use this in the near future.

Week 10 Workshop

Today we allocated tasks for each member to complete for next week.  I am to write an opinion piece on modern media and create a media evolution timeline. Alaine is writing biographies of institutions, and attempting a found footage video on Rupert Murdoch. Jess is looking for trending news twitter feeds, as well as the idea of hashtags and @ symbol. As a group we decided to interview Dr Phillip Dearman, as we believe he will provide really good insights to our project. After emailing Phillip, he agreed to meet us next Monday for an interview which works out really well for all of us. We sent him questions to ponder prior to our meeting, just so he is prepared and not put on the spot. Overall, todays workshop was again a very useful 3 hours. Now that we have a clearer idea of what we want our project outcome to consist of, we are on track to completing it over the next few weeks.

Week 9 Lecture- Audiences

In today’s lecture we were shown a clip from Simple Men and talked about the  idea of music and sound techniques, and how that can affect audiences, while also looking at feminist ideals of the time this film was made. The lecture was particularly helpful for those focussing on audience for project brief 4, however I still found it really interesting. As an audience of media it was so easy to relate to the ideas presented to us throughout the lecture. It got me thinking about how certain artefacts viewed on the television influence me, even when you don’t initially notice it. I really liked the discussion on fans and fandom, and I have to agree with how emotionally attached some audiences get to a particular show. I cried when I watched the last episode of FRIENDS….


Week 9 Workshop

Today’s workshop was productive, even though we were missing Alaine, Jess and I spoke to Robbie who helped us get started. We were feeling pretty lost with project brief 4, however Robbie got us back on track, providing possible ideas for us to explore on our topic; institutions. On top of that, we figured out how we would present our project. We’ve created a website, “Institution Revolution”, the title comes from the idea of how technology has revitalised different media institutions e.g. social media blogs. Ironically, we are using Tumblr to present the project. We are young adults/teenagers after all, so why wouldn’t we? 🙂 I think my contribution to the project will be a written piece. I’m happy to submit an opinion-like article on social media platforms, if the girls are happy to create their own version. Overall, I’m feeling much more confident about PB4, and feel as though we will finish on time, as long as we keep in touch and up to date with each others progress 🙂

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