Assessment Task 1 was a great introduction to producing a comedy web series. We were able to get some hands on experience regarding shooting a scripted scene and then editing those into a fluid ‘episode’. Gabby, EieKie and I worked together to produce ‘YEAH…’, we collaborated really well and had similar ideas. Based on the examples we had been shown in class including FLAT3, we were able to use the same camera shots they did. Some of these involved the point of view shot, where it would appear we were having the conversation with the audience. I think this one worked really well in regards to capturing the awkward moment in conversation and getting a sense of character from each person. Our aim was to film most of the lines from multiple camera angles/ shots, and then during editing figure out which ones flowed best. Even though it’s safer to have too many options rather than not enough, we may have gone a little over board, which made it hard to condense the videos and pick the right ones. The editing process was probably my favourite. It actually didn’t take us very long, as we were very efficient and knew where most of the ‘best’ lines were filmed.

The moment in the clip where is goes from the point of view to the wide shot of both characters starring at each other, works really well in demonstrating how separated and awkward  the two feel in the conversation. The wide shot is also important when setting the scene, which was done at the beginning making it was clear the two were coming from a class/lecture. The main thing I noticed that didn’t go so well would have been the second camera shot (right at the start). I began one of my lines whilst my head was cut off in the frame, and EieKie also walked right in front of me. To better this, we probably should have had a clear view of my face so that the audience knew exactly who those words were coming from. Considering it’s a short clip, first lines such as ‘didn’t understand a word’, are important when establishing character.

If I was to repeat this task again, I’d really prefer not to act. Rather, be more hands on in the filming/ directing aspect. I know it was just a quick introduction task however it would’ve been interesting to try and frame specific shots. I was still able to contribute to what shots would work best which was great. Another downfall is the sound, which obviously we couldn’t quite control with an Iphone. Although during editing, Gabby did a great job in trying to cover up any quiet or interrupting noises.  I think overall we created a decent episode that reflected many different camera shots and depicted the characters really well. We stuck to most of the rules we had recently learnt in class, including the 180 degree rule, and the establishing shot.