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Self-portrait from Alana Cooper on Vimeo.

Presentation Reflection

Yesterday we presented our work on project one to a small group in the class. Their feedback was great, and helped me think of ways to better my examples of self-identity. They really liked my two videos and thought they were funny and creative. They also gave me ways to better some of my images, which I intend to do before I bring all my pieces together in the video. The other girls on my table had some cool ideas as well, with Georgia speed videoing a polaroid picture of herself developing. That was probably my favourite example used in the whole class, but everyone else had some very interesting ways of identifying themselves too.  


Netball Sound

Lakes Entrance

Lakes Entrance from Alana Cooper on Vimeo.

Babysitting Marli

Babysitting Marli from Alana Cooper on Vimeo.

50 words..

When I was in grade 6 everyone all my peers had to write down something nice about their classmates. I remember the words smart, hard working and friendly being used over again, when it was time for my peers to write about me. I wonder if they’d be different now?

Identity Photo’s


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