To kick off week two Jeremy ran through our schedule for the week, he gave us an introduction to both Assessment Task one and two. We looked through some examples that our peers had on comedy web series. Oliver suggested the pilot episode of The Guild, which involved multiple characters in different locations having a conversation through an online game. Whilst it may not have been everyone’s kind of humour, it demonstrated an interesting take on how to introduce the series and establish their characters. During this viewing we realised they broke one of filming’s main rules.. They crossed the line. We then viewed Jake and Amir Fish Scroll which made everybody in the room laugh. This particular episode only involved one establishing shot at the beginning and then multiple cuts of back and forth close ups of the two talking. Finally, we watch an episode of Leftovers which involved a basic conversation between two girls. This clip stuck to the 180 degree rule, and also had a fairly specific demographic e.g. uni students. To conclude the Monday we were put into pairs for assessment task 2, and started thinking about which comedy web series we wanted to analyse.
On Wednesday, Jeremy had us watch the comedy series FLAT3 episode 1. This demonstrated a great point of view shot as well as over the shoulder. This then lead us into assessment task one, which we completed within the 3 hour studio. In groups of roughly 3, we were sent off to film and direct an already scripted scene, using our smartphones. Most us debuted our acting careers, which made our episodes extra cringe worthy. We were encouraged to try use different camera shots like the ones in FLAT3. Once we were satisfied with our footage, we headed to the edit suites and got to work. I think for most of us the longest part was the upload, the editing came quite easy to us all. We knew what footage we were looking, and it just became a matter of cutting and sequencing them into one fluid clip.