Today Dan gave us a short lecture on technological determinism as a way of looking at the world. I found it really interesting and had to agree that we as humans are in charge of what the future will bring. I mean if you look at it in a tech sort of way, we are the ones who create and innovate, which can lead to massive changes to the way society functions in the future. I enjoyed the Kara video he played us, it was a little strange/ creepy, but the ideas it raised were intriguing. The thought of machines becoming too intuitive and powerful is a little bit distressing, but then again, we can control them..? It’s a very ironic concept.  Dan then discussed the power of ‘dust’ and showed us a short clip to support his argument that dust has “negligible matter”.  I didn’t really understand this part of the lecture, but I’m sure once I look at this weeks reading, it’ll become  far more clear.