This morning I hopped on my usual train towards the city for uni. I didn’t have to search far for a seat which was a nice change. I sat opposite a man who looked to be in his 30s. He immediately warned me about sitting in gum, thankfully i wasn’t but i kindly laughed it off and tried to keep to myself. He continued to start conversation, asking if i was a uni student, and what i was studying etc. I started to feel a little uncomfortable, I honestly just wanted to put my ear phones in and ┬ázone out as i usually do. It then occurred to me that maybe this man had some issues, he wasn’t a ‘freak’ by any means, he was just different. ┬áBut when did being different mean you have issues? When did trying to speak to others on public transport become strange, whilst blocking out all your surroundings became the norm? Through my music I could hear the man start conversation with the gentleman beside me, he also looked confused and tried to kill the convo. He got off a couple of stops before me, flashing a smile on his way out the door. I started feeling guilty, maybe I was the ‘different’ one.