You dirty dirty pigs

There’s something terribly wrong¬†with us today. I don’t know if you can feel it too, or if you’ve just stopped caring. Everytime I look to see, it’s just pain, misery, lies, fear, terror, oppression and the occasional innovation – just to tease you into rationalizing a reason to keep on keeping on because you know, clearly there is hope. There’s always hope. Is hope really enough though – the more I talk about things that are difficult to face or answer, people around me just concede to their predicaments.

Nine to five Monday to Friday is just this thing everybody accepts now – using up all the time when a human being is at it’s most productive in tiny space on a focused task serving some conglomo’s leader they’ll most probably never even know. Just so they can continue to live a life chasing weekends which you’ll probably spend dreading the start of the next week anyway.. and where at least from my own experience of those around me is only good for getting as fucked out of your head as possible just to forget you even have work at all.

Whats wrong with you? Why don’t you think this wrong? Why do you keep trying to find words to justify this way of life? The answer is and has always been there. You’ve given up… just like a pig or any animal in a farm has given up trying to be free. You’ve given up to the point that you’ve forgotten and stopped caring what being free actually means. As long as you get fed all the way to the slaughter you’ll let it slide. Because trying to think is too hard, and painful and difficult. It’s easier to just be fed and shuffled around until you die. If a species of animal can’t become compliant in captivity for the purpose of cultivation, we wouldn’t cultivate it. And people are very compliant when coerced or distracted with goodies. And you basically become docile pigs in a farm waiting for the next meal to be shoveled down your throats so you can shit it back to the people who own you.

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