Week three is over, holy cow the that was fast. So much to do so little time! So with Liams’ class my groupmate Dominic and myself are planning on creating a piece on how the masses have been controlled but to question if that’s really a bad thing. The problem clearly is how to fit that into a 3 minute video using only found footage. We’re depending heavily on clips like Adam Curtis’s stuff, Chomsky and his Manufacturing of Consent, some films here and there with similar motives not unlike stuff I have talked about or made reference to here before.

I’ve mostly been finding it difficult to really find new things to watch that fit the criteria, but maybe it’s because I’m trying to be too definitional.. Like I pointed out Rage Against the Machine’s Sleep Now in the Fire and it “ticked the right boxes”. I thought about a song I heard some time back which is starting to look like it may just be a timeless piece as the message that motivated it then is probably more present now than it has ever been. The satirical approach to it just makes it all the more fun to actually pay attention to his advice and realise that he’s actually making sense and not telling you bullshit like what you’re seeing. The XX Teens and their track How to Reduce the Chances of Being a Terror Victim. Sorry I couldn’t embed the video property properly and this was the only link up there that supports mobile play.

I guess we’ll just have to see what we can do with the preliminary footage. 

3 thoughts on “Complexed?

  1. Last year! Graduation time! You always short sell yourself on your relationships, but you’ve got a group mate named Dominic! You could call him DOMDOM or Mini C. Either ways Congrats!

    1. Thank you chookalookie, I think you’re the only person that reads this blog (which does make me ponder if it’s because you actually know who I am ._.) hahahah, besides lecturers when submissions are due of course =p.

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