Thinking too much

Often I wonder..

what happens to an idea once it is fully expressed. When you look into something for too long, for instance, you keep repeating a word you’re very familiar with until it starts to become alien and strange, and at first its all kind of bizarre and fascinating, then it becomes watered down and loses its meaning. Maybe thats the same with life, the more we try to figure out what it is, the less meaning it has [at least that we can associate with]. Would that mean discovering the meaning of life, would result in a meaningless life? Or does it mean that that particular meaning is no longer functional -[((I’m not sure if I can get this point across well enough) Then the meaning, if found [and turned meaningless] would mean that the working knowledge up to that point no longer serves a purpose)] – and a new idea must be explored instead?

Would that mean that the meaning of life, if any, is constantly changing. How are we supposed to find it then?

2 thoughts on “Thinking too much

  1. When I was very little, I’d always ask my father what’s the meaning of life. And if I remember correctly, he’d always give different answers but end with “try and do good”. Maybe that’s the meaning of life, that it is constantly changing, that we have to grow and adapt and yet not forget what is important, and I think it’s beautiful that the meaning of life can not be pin pointed into any one definition, that it is always an added value effect. I do not think finding a meaning makes it meaningless.. at times I find that finding a meaning to a current phase in life fuels one’s will to go on. That’s not meaningless.. But I could be wrong, or maybe I’m just a dreamer.

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