Women in Media Epic Journey Series and etc.

The women in media seminar was a week ago now. Before the class I had a quick chat with Christina about how I’ve been doing with the course so far and I voiced my concerns with my personal networking report, considering I don’t know anyone I wanna talk to about it. Or more like I’m just too anxious to talk to anyone. She suggested that I look into documentary specifically and I suppose it made sense but it’s not really what I see myself doing, as I pointed out documentary like any other media text is just a means to an end. I would prefer to see myself continuing to learn, but I don’t know who I would go to for that end.

Anyway, knowing Sam was in charge of lighting with his background in film, I knew it’d be good which it was. The light kept the focus on the guests and made it all more intimate, I didn’t eat the food or anything so no comment, and everything else ran really smoothly. Good job guise.

For our own group meeting, the steering committee sent feedback for my poster and made the kinds of requests that immediately reminded me of working in an advertising company, and why I hated it so much. I made the changes that fit the criteria but made no changes to the artwork itself. We also talked about our own seminar and I showed them how winamp visualiser for our backdrop might be fun, but we’d probably have to give an epileptic warning. Also they asked if we could all wear colourful Hawaiian type shirts and I got asked if I wore colour at all 🙁

No.. I don’t.

Variations of black white and grey are what you’ll get from me hahaha. My colour is all inside my brain, it’ll ooze out if you squeeze it hard enough. Also I just found out I missed the Honours info session which is something I really wanted to go and see ._. we always got an email for it in the past. Meh. Hopefully I can still find out what I need to via emails and whatnot. I’m super keen to learn moar.



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