Mass Madness

A friend introduced me to this video which discusses a lot of Freudian idealologies ideologies and how they’ve come to shape our world. What I could draw from it was that in fear of a second Hitler type ordeal, governments scared themselves so shitless of the animalistic nature of human beings, that they resorted to developing methods of controlling or steering the minds of the people by manufacturing a desire within people to want things that they may not have actually wanted (turns out its easier to do than you’d imagine).
I found it pretty ironic ‘they’ reacted precisely in the manner of that which they attempted to control.

Worth a watch.

But be warned, its 4 one hour documentaries, so pace yourself.

So apparently that video has been taken down, but NOT TO WORRY I should’ve written it down here in the first place. The thing you wanna look for is Adam Curtis’s Century of Self documentary. You can still find it on Vimeo but I think it’s in 4 parts now. Links soon =D


Link to Part 1 Happiness Machines – Vimeo

Link to Part 2 The Engineering of Consent Vimeo –

Link to Part 3 There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads: He Must Be Destroyed Vimeo

Link to Part 4 Eight People Sipping Wine in Kettering  Vimeo

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