A whole new world. Again… and again.

Just a little hello.

So it seems that I’m confronted with another blog, only this time its much more of a necessity. All my past attempts only managed to end in failure due to straight up negligence and are probably still stored in bits of data on some server somewhere waiting to haunt me in the future. So I wish I could say this would be a good place for a fresh and new beginning but I’ve already made that speech – so no – the only reason I wont be able to keep this up isn’t because of anything other than straight up incompetence on my part, or a lack of interest which just means I’m wasting my time in this course in its entirety. “If you do what you already did, you’ll get what you always got”- Henry Ford or more like Einsteins definition of insanity “Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”. The problem, then, is just one of attitude.

As our course coordinator explicitly outlined in an email to me “You will have this blog forever”, even though this was kind of implicit in terms of whatever goes on the web; there is no real taking it back; it kind of suddenly struck me as to the significance of that permanence and how this blog is pretty much just an extension of myself, even though it is a requirement of a subject of a course in a university,  what it represents is much more than that (a requirement of a subject of a course in a university) because of where it stands in the world, (which is the internet) and the potential reach it has and if any good, to be of use to others.

We live in a wonderful and belligerent world with no defined or given purpose or meaning and potentially infinite possibilities, so might as well make a record of it as we go along, that way its easier to keep track of the shit we’ve already done so we can think of other shit to do.

For anyone who got through this post, although it took what felt like a long time to write, in its shortness, hopefully(ideally) my future posts will be more about not me and of more interest to us and  mostly, thanks for reading.

I’m still not entirely sure about the ethics of referencing things here. Will probably clarify that later today.

Some lovely music to end,
or begin.


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