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Occasional summaries of student’s blogged reflections about Netmed

what you’re writing about how your views are shaped by online sources

Elle talks about the current 60 Minutes crew celebrating their release and how major television networks have shaped her opinion on this issue. Similarly, J’aime discusses the story, realising her views are heavily shaped by media bias before knowing the real story.

Lydia discusses how her views of the US campaign have been shaped by social media, especially the potency of Trump on Facebook.

Rhiannon discusses the portraiture of the Queen and how the tension between  her and her American photographer moved through different media sources.

Annie discusses how people perform identity in Facebook in relation to the reading.

Sophie gives an overview of the lecture in reference to the US campaign, and how we can’t help being intertwined in the campaign.

What you’re writing about culture and technology

Luke uses mobile phones as an example of how technology has “enhanced the homogenising effects of economic globalisation.”

Claire connects technological neutrality to online trolling.

Emma and Mary provide good descriptions of what simulacra means and give popular culture examples.

J’aime talks about the relationship between Apple and culture from a poststructuralist perspective.

India talks about the limits of thinking about the world as a global village due to technology restrictions in some regions of the world.

What you’re writing – Week 4

Lots of good work happening on the blogs, heres a quick digest of some students to check out:

Alana makes some good notes about engaging blogs, and Amalie lists the ways in which she wants to personalise her blog

Cass finds some valid issues with Instagram

Lexie shares some thoughts  on active blogging (and/or jogging?)

Belynda critiques 2 hypertext examples with a personal angle, and Karl examines Hypertext in Social Media spaces

Heather & Daisy share their thoughts on Copyright and Creative Commons, and Shantelle looks at rights online

Louis has found a good way to integrate photography into the broader narrative of his blog

Natalie has found her niche

Great reflection on Hypertexts by Juliet including her explanation of what they are, how they work, and an example to boot

Natasha explores the heuristic nature of blogs

Dominic has discovered a great alternative photo sharing community for himself

Dylan provides his take on network literacy, and Cat discusses her strategy for demonstrating it

Sally discusses a media sharing site introduced to her by Annie

Let Caitlin know what you think of her vocal performance on a Demo for Tina Arena



What you’re writing – Week 2

Bronte with some great reflection on her experience of network literacy in practice.  Personal experience and theoretical uncertainties are perfectly fine at this point (in fact, if everything was certain, there would be no need for theory!)

Abbey has chosen to create a stand-along Netmed blog, and another for her personal use.  While I would recommend managing only one blog at a time, this means her Netmed blog can be for exploring, reflecting and prototyping, which leaves her with a ‘clean’ blog for her online profile.  More work, but a good experiment.

Shannon already has a blogroll list going with some great bloggy resources (if the links have been deleted form this post then check out the blogroll list on her homepage).

Ben has added a category into his default menu; not much posted yet but a good technique for sorting content going forward.

Shantelle is  showing that she has a strong blogging voice emerging already, listing several great approaches to what her blog might end up being.

Looking forward to continuing to read these (and more) throughout the semester.