Meeting times for Week 11 workshop

Please check below to confirm your group’s meeting time for the Week 11 workshops.

Please arrive 5 minutes before your start time so that we can keep all the meetingsĀ running smoothly.

Tuesday 12:30

12:30 Bounce: Tish, Joe, Jess, Nicole
12:45 The Alliance: Paul, Ellen, Heather
13:00 Amateurs Online: John-Michael, Lola, Shannon, Alana
13:15 Hype: Abbey, Lexie, Belynda
13:30 Network Error: Cass, Moamen, Taylor, Aye Myat
13:45 La Pinta, la Nina e la Santa Maria

Tuesday 16:30

16:30 3 BYOBB: Anastasia, Bethan, Sophie, Ben
16:45 Stories: Juliette, Julian, Will, Natalie
17:00 Work in Progress: Gaby, Ash, Daisy, Camille
17:15 Lemonade: Hannah, Karl, Jordan, Andrea
17:30 DNCJ: Jeremy, Cat, Natasha, Dominic
17:45 Louis & Mihika

Friday 8:30


Friday 11:30


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